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Another way to install stainless steel sinks - Taichung basin

There are three installation methods for the sink, namely the under counter basin, the Taichung basin and the above counter basin. In fact, the above counter basin is the most widely used, so what is the Taichung basin? How is the Taichung sink installed?

The Taichung basin can also be called a Taipan basin or a Taiping basin. We can see that the installation of the Taichung basin is not complicated. It is to cut the position of the countertop installation to the groove with the thickness of the edge of the sink, put it into the sink, then apply the glass glue and set up the pendant, and you're done, though It seems like a simple installation, but there are a few points to pay attention to.

The first point is the processing of the countertop. We all know that not many stone materials are very well treated, such as quartz stone with cullet inside. This kind of stone is not easy to install when it is installed in the under counter basin or the counter basin. When it is polished, it will be damaged or the surface will be pitted without any beauty.

The second point is that the sink with a large R angle is not well polished. The sink usually has a smooth corner at the outermost edge. However, if the corner of the sink is large, the grinding will increase the difficulty of construction. In fact, the undercounter is also in this way. It is recommended to buy the sink in advance so that the cabinet can be installed before leaving the factory to prevent mistakes caused by the on-site grinding installation.

The third point is that if the thickness of the edge of the sink is too thick, it should be reinforced under the countertop. The stainless steel sink basically does not encounter this problem. After all, the edge thickness is about 7mm, but the edge thickness of the quartz stone sink or the cast iron sink can reach 13mm, and the sink itself has a large self-weight, then this time is used at the bottom. The marble glue is bonded to a circle of stone reinforcement treatment.

The advantage of the Taichung basin is that it is flush with the countertop surface, which can directly wipe the sewage into the tank, and the replacement and maintenance is simple, inheriting the advantages of the above counter basin and the undercounter basin. At the same time, it does not increase the height of the table itself like the under-basin, which increases the depth. It is not ergonomic when washing, and the gap between the sink and the table is easy to hide. It is not like the above counter basin. The surface of the countertop surface can not be smeared into the sink, which is also a very good installation me