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Manual sink production process

  • Author:HUNTER
  • Release on :2019-01-18

Manual sink production process

What is a handmade sink? What is the production process of manual sinks? Let me introduce the production process of pure manual sinks.

The sink must be SUS304 stainless steel, only 304 stainless steel sink can be more durable and long life (up to 75 years), real rust.

The exquisite hand groove is made of 304 stainless steel. The raw materials used in the manual grooves are 1.0mm to 3.mm thick and are 304 stainless steel sheets that have been straight drawn and punched.


Mainly computer welding and manual welding. Before welding, the joints after bending must be manually docked, and then the computer is welded. If the double bowl sink is welded first, then the single bowl is welded and connected into a double bowl sink. Comprehensive quality inspection to ensure the quality of each sink, good welding with white wire is the best, but also a special logo for high quality hand basin. The core of the manual tank is that the product is not stretched and requires a large number of manual welding, side seam welding, spot welding, R corner spot welding, and each welding requires extensive experience and careful operation of the electric welder to ensure welding quality. After the welding is completed, it needs to be polished.

2. Polishing the manual sink mainly deals with the welding traces produced by the welding trough. This is the process of beautifying the sink again, allowing the sink to reproduce the smooth surface and the continuous drawing line.

3 over the belt.

The sand belt is used to process the computer welder to weld the double bowl sink to produce the trace of the welder in the middle of the tank. The over the belt can make the sink reproduce the smooth surface and the continuous drawing line.

4 paste pad. The adhesive pad is firmly adhered to the bottom and side walls of the water tank.

5 spraying

The materials used in the manual sink are all environmentally friendly, methanol-free and odor-free water-based spray materials. The thickness of the manual sink is thinner than that of the stretched sink, because the surface of the hand-painted sink is relatively flat.

6 push sand. This is the process that is required for every manual sink. Sand pushing is another beautification of the surface of the manual sink. Sand pushing makes the surface of the sink smoother and the continuous drawing line clearer.

7 packaging. In the process of packaging. The star staff of the packaging is very careful, and stress testing, etc. is to ensure that the water tank does not deform during long-distance transportation to ensure the appearance.

The hand-washing sink pays attention to the perfection of every detail, so every step of the manual sink is very strict!

Our HUNTER manual sinks are produced by our factory workers under strict procedures. If you want to know more manual sinks, please visit our official website or Alibaba.com website!